I'm Laura Schofield. Before I founded Otto + Ivy, I spent many years blogging for tall women. I started a fashion blog called All the Tall things, which evolved to include all aspects of the tall experience. Over the years, with a passionate community of tall women, I discussed and debated the impact height has on a range of topics including relationships, employment, travel and mental health. 

More recently, I've been preoccupied with raising a family and launching a business, but the need to have these conversations still exists. While I can still have snippets of them on social media, I've been wanting to create a space that allows us to explore them in more depth.

So I'm creating a new blog for Otto + Ivy. One that sits alongside the pretty shoe pictures and tells the story of the business, but that also delves -- warts and all -- into the shared experiences that we have as tall women. Some content will be updated versions of blog posts written for All the Tall things, others will be brand new musings on life as a tall woman, while some will simply follow the story of a fledgling business woman trying to keep her sh*t together. 

I hope you become a part of it,

Laura xx

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