Hello, I'm Laura Schofield, and I've spent a lifetime searching for beautiful shoes to fit my size 43 feet.

After blogging about the tall experience for a number of years, I conducted a survey to see how many women shared in my shoe woes, and find out how I might be able to help them.

When a thousand of you replied within a week (thank you!), I knew that both the highstreet and luxury brands were failing to realise the need for exquisitely made, stylish and trend-led shoes in larger sizes. (Not that we really needed a survey to tell us that). 

Nineteen months of sizing research, working with designers, and travelling back and forth to factories later, Otto + Ivy was born. I'd spent years loathing my shoe-shopping experience (actual tears have been shed), and wanted to bring tall women like us the excitement that our friends have always enjoyed when buying beautifully made footwear. 

What makes Otto + Ivy different? 

Otto + Ivy shoes aren't simply small shoes made bigger; they are exclusively designed to flatter a long foot and are engineered to support the physique of a tall woman. Each design features pretty, feminine details that make it eye-catching but incredibly versatile. 

Where does the name come from? 

Otto is Italian for eight, and Ivy is a beautiful climbing plant that rises, disrupts, and refuses to be tamed. The shoes are all available in a UK size 8 and above. 

What materials are Otto + Ivy Shoes made from? 

All Otto + Ivy shoes are crafted from high quality leather; including both the uppers and the linings. Some of the outsoles are leather, while others are manmade, depending on the style. Each shoe has a slim layer of memory foam within the sole for extra comfort.

Where are Otto + Ivy Shoes designed and made? 

All Otto + Ivy shoes have been exclusively designed in Britain by Laura Schofield, in collaboration with a number of experienced and highly regarded footwear designers. All the shoes have been crafted in small, intimate factories in China. Our factories have been carefully selected for their reputation in the footwear industry and excellent working conditions.